Very few people can live in isolation. We generally do better when we have people around to talk to, share stories with, and support us. I feel this is especially true when it comes to faith and religion. Here, I will attempt to share my thoughts and reflect on my spiritual journey -- I know this will further strengthen my faith, and I hope this will positively influence yours as well.  - CradleCatholic2.0

Ready for Lent?


by CradleCatholic2.0


Lent is a time for us to focus on prayer and draw ourselves closer to God. Traditionally, it is common to give up something to show that we are not attached to anything but Him. I’ve given up chocolate, sodas, cussing, watching TV, and going on Facebook in the past. But as I reflect on what I want to “give up” this Lenten season, I realize I want to do something more.

Several things come to mind: I can read one or all four of the Gospels, attend daily Mass, pray the rosary every day, or participate in Stations of the Cross, all of which will surely bring me closer to God. But what better way to be more like Him than to love more? After all, God is love.

So, for the next 40 days, I will try to love more. This sounds abstract, but this quote from Saint Teresa of Calcutta gives me direction: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” To me, it means doing ordinary, everyday things with extraordinary love. It means letting a car pass in front of me in the middle of rush hour traffic, giving up a seat for someone else even though I’m tired, helping a neighbor take out the trash cans, forgiving someone who has wronged me, and going the extra mile for a coworker. In every situation, there is always room to do something with more love. The challenge is to think about it at all times, and put it into practice as much as I can.

May our Lenten journey lead us to become the best version of ourselves!

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