Very few people can live in isolation. We generally do better when we have people around to talk to, share stories with, and support us. I feel this is especially true when it comes to faith and religion. Here, I will attempt to share my thoughts and reflect on my spiritual journey -- I know this will further strengthen my faith, and I hope this will positively influence yours as well.  - CradleCatholic2.0

Giving Thanks


by CradleCatholic2.0

The weather is starting to cool down, leaves are changing colors, and days are getting shorter. Best of all, my favorite holiday of the year is approaching– Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving because of the delicious food, family gatherings, and awesome Black Friday deals. But above all, I cherish this holiday because it is a reminder to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings He has given me. It is so easy to take things in life for granted; I often don’t recognize the value of something until it is gone. The other day during the storm, I lost power for nearly 3 hours – couldn’t cook dinner on the stove or microwave, couldn’t open the garage door to go out, couldn’t even use the internet for entertainment – that’s when I realized how nice it is to have electricity all the time. Whenever I am sick, even if it is just a headache or stiff neck, I have a new appreciation for my health. In fact, there is so much to be thankful for, one day out of the entire year really is not adequate.

This Thanksgiving, let's challenge ourselves to remain thankful for the big things and the small things throughout the entire year.

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