向前邁進 Leap Forward
June 15, 2018, 12:00 AM

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這一任期的幹事會在人事上有不少變動。首先,我們多謝Joan Chu姊妹這麼多年來為團體擔任禮儀組組長,亦很替她高興她終於找到了接班人Jennifer Seto姊妹接手禮儀組組長!  Jennifer姊妹有多年的禮儀組經驗,Joan姊妹終於可以放心休息一下啦! 待休息夠後,又再回來幹事會繼續沖刺囉!


其次我很感謝我的兩位副會長Joseph Seto兄弟及Grace Tom姊妹。在過去兩年來他們不斷地在我背後支持我,鼓勵我,讓我學習成長。我期待2018-2020這任期內他們可在新崗位上繼續發揮他們的領導精神,協助團體向前邁進。我亦恭喜連任的幹事再度一起合作為主服務!


我很榮幸地向大家宣佈2018-2020年度的副會長及文書職務人選。Jacob Ip兄弟會擔任新一屇副會長,協助我處理團體的外務工作。至於團體內務的副會長一職,將會由Rita Chan姊妹擔任。Paola Shiu姊妹會加入幹事會擔任文書一職。他們的個人簡介及大頭相大家可於7月1日後網站內看到。









Leap Forward


Thanks for allowing me to be lazy for the past 1.5 months without updating our community blog.  I’m happy to share what’s happening recently!


Quite a lot has happened over the past one to two months.  I attended Fr. Francis Ching’s “Life in Spirit Seminar” back in mid-April, and then I left a company I worked for the past 8 years to a new career opportunity in mid-May.  At the end of May we had our council election for 2018 to 2020 term, and on Memorial Day we held our picnic at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. From the perspectives of spiritual development, personal growth, and community work I feel that I have taken a good leap forward.


During this time, I could feel the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every second and minute.  While I tried my best in all I did, I also relied on God wholehearted without holding back. I had peace and joy in my heart when I really let go and let God.  Around the time when we held the council election, I prayed for Holy Spirit’s guidance and sign for the path I should take. Thanks be to God and all my brothers and sisters, I will give my best during the next term as the President of the council.  I will work closely with our council members, to devote ourselves in serving and praising God, to develop our community and continue our effort on evangelization to Chinese-Americans.


There are a few personnel changes during this upcoming term.  First of all, I’d like to thank Joan Chu for her years of service as the Liturgy Director.  I’m happy for her that she finally found her successor and will transition her position to Jennifer Seto on this upcoming term.  Jennifer has been an active Liturgy team member for many years. I am sure Joan feels relieved to hand over and rest well during this break.


Next I’d like to express my gratitude to my two Vice-Presidents Joseph Seto and Grace Tom.  For the past two years, they have been fully supportive and encouraging of my work as the President, allowed me to confidently learn and grow.  I look forward to their leadership and contribution for this term in different positions within the council, to continue to transform our community to a better place.  I also want to congratulate all other council members who are re-elected. I look forward to working with you again!


It is also my pleasure to announce the new Vice Presidents and Secretary for the 2018-2020 term.  Jacob Ip and Rita Chan are appointed Vice Presidents of the community council, and will work with me closely to support the external and internal operations of the community.  Paola Shiu will also join the team as the Secretary for this two-year term. Their autobiography and mugshots will be available inside the website post July 1st.



I would like to ask you to pray for our 2018-2020 council.  You are cordially invited to attend the mass and officiation ceremony on July 1st at St. Leo’s Church.  After mass we will have lunch and cake to celebration the new team. All are welcome to join!


God bless!




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