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將臨期第四主日 Homily Fourth Sunday Advent Cycle A December 18, 2022


Homily 4th Sunday Advent 2022.

Franklin Fong, OFM


This Christmas there will be those who have come to believe the Christmas story and it’s message to us. There also will be those who do not believe! Nothing has changes in two thousand years since Jesus was born. There will always be those who believe and have lives of faith and those who do not believe and live lives without faith. Today’s readings give us examples of both types of persons.

In the first reading we have King Ahaz who lacks confidence in the word of God. Even tho God promises that the house of David will continue until the true Messiah-King is born. Ahaz does not accept the challenge of such a great belief.

Paul in the second reading from the letter to the Romans, leaps to such a belief and believes as well that he was called to spread the good news about Jesus who is both the Son of God and a descendent of the house of David.

In the Gospel of Matthew we hear how though Joseph has strong doubts to overcome but still takes God at his word and believes by acting accordingly.

All believers have to deal with doubt. At times we may be threatened with some degree of uncertainty concerning what in our faith usually seems so self-evident. We believe and yet there is gnawing doubt.

But don’t be surprised that there is also the uncertainty of unbelief. So, we might say “perhaps, it might be true!”. You can now see that both the believer and non-believer share the struggles of doubt and belief.

This week, we might reflect on how we have handled our doubts of faith. To strengthen our faith, we may have to give more time to study, prayerful reflection and sharing with others. The answer is always demanding responses of our head, heart and hands.

Faith is more than our assent to revealed truths, Our faith is to personal. “I believe in Thee,” we say.

We will experience a joyous faith and be most grateful for his gift when we experience a “Thee” or a “You” who bears us up and gives promise of an indestructible love.


So what are the learning points of today’s message? Consider the following:


• Do you want to feel the joy of Christ’s birth?

• How do we learn to trust in God’s power in times of trouble? We certainly don’t want      to imitate King Ahaz as we heard in the 1st reading.

• Like Paul, how do we communicate to others how God is taking hold of you as we        heard in the second reading.

• How do we learn to obey God’s instructions, like Joseph in the gospel reading.


Let me share with you a poem I wrote several years ago about my faith journey lessons.



Not seeing where to go
troubles my soul.
Not knowing what to do
troubles my soul.
Not feeling your presence
troubles my soul.
My faith challenges my
Seeing, Knowing and Feelings
To limits that I will never understand.


So brothers and sisters of the Chinese Catholic Community

 that is the Good News for this 4th Sunday of Advent!

Alleluia Alleluia !





禮儀年甲年將臨期第四主日 2022 年 12 月 18 日
讀經一: 依撒意亞 7:10-14
讀經二: 羅馬書 1:1-7
瑪竇福音 1:18-24















信仰不限於只是認同啓示了的真理,信仰乃是深深涉及個人的。   “主呀,我相信祢”,我們說。



-我們如何學會在患難中信賴天主的大能?我們當然不想效法我們   在讀經一中聽到的亞哈次王。
-正如我們在讀經二中所聽到的,我們要像保祿一樣向他人傳達天   主是如何抓住你的。





所以華人天主教會的兄弟姐妹們, 這是將臨期第四主日的好消息!




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