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May 29, 2016, 12:00 AM

我們新的一頁 Turning to a New Page


屋崙聖良堂華人團體從開始發放主日通訉 (Sunday Bulletin或SB)到現在已經接近三年。主日通訊的內容讓主內的各弟兄姊妹們吸收了豐富的知識,充實了我們的神修生活。塵世上所有的事物,凡事有始,凡事有終。我們的主日通訊 Sunday Bulletin亦一樣。二零一六年五月二十九日(星期日),將會是主日通訊的最後一期。這是時候我們向新紀元的網絡資訊邁進,而要對陪伴我們長達三年的主日通訊說聲「再見」了。

我們的團體與時並進,新版的聖良華人牧民通訊 (St. Leo Chinese Pastoral Newsletter) 將由我們的網站於每月月初發送到您的電子郵箱。不同的是,通訊的各文章內容將會直接連結到我們團體的網頁,讓身處世界各地的教友都能無時無刻得到有關團體的最新資訊。新版的聖良華人牧民通訊更增添了不少豐富內容。除了神師或執事的主日中英文道理反省外,還有團體成員投搞的文章,包括神修反省、信仰分享、健康資訊、祈禱意向、精美食譜。網站更會定期更新堂區報告、團體最近動向、活動照片、等等。我們相信新的牧民通訊及聖良堂網站更能凝聚我們天主教華人團體的力量從而達到福傳的使命,增強大眾對天主教的認知及接近天主。同時,我們希望透過使用社交網路或媒體科技去支持及滿足現時年輕人信仰的需求。

建立一個好的團體必須要仰賴每一個成員的努力及貢獻。建立一個優秀的信仰團體所需的要求更高 – 須仰賴我們對天主的信、望、愛三德。我們謹代表聖良堂天主教華人牧民中心,衷心感謝所有曾經幫助或支援主日通訊SB的工作人員,多謝您們一直以來所付出的時間及精神。願主的愛及平安常與您們同在,繼續準備身心迎接祂未來對您們的召叫。






「科技網絡傳道事工」(eMinistry) 是什麼?  請留意我們六月四日新版的牧民通訊 ,了解現今科技如何改變了我們福傳事工的架構和方法!


Turning to a New Page

It has almost been three years since our St. Leo Chinese Catholic Community started the Sunday Bulletin (SB).  We all have learned and gained something from the useful information provided by the SB.  It has created a positive influence in our spiritual life.  As with all things, there is a beginning and an end; May 29, 2016 will be the last issue of SB.  It is time for us to say goodbye to our old SB and move to the new era of Web Newsletter. 

Web Newsletter, will be known as our St. Leo Chinese Pastoral Newsletter and publishes monthly moving forward.  It will continue to bring useful information to our community members and upgraded with enriched content.  On top of the Chinese and English homily reflections written by priests (or deacons), the St. Leo Pastoral Newsletter will also contain many interesting articles contributed by our community members.  Topics include health and wellness suggestions, spiritual or personal reflections, yummy recipes, and prayer collection, etc.  We believe that our church’s user-friendly website can fortify our connections as a community, strengthen our mission to evangelize, and allow everyone to come together sharing our faith in God.   At the same time, we hope to support and address the spiritual needs of the young generation, bringing them closer to God through technology.

Building a great community relies on everyone’s effort and dedication.  Building a great religious community raises the bar even higher – relying on our love, our faith, and our hope to be closer to God.  On behalf of the St. Leo Chinese Community, we would like to express our gratitude to all current and past SB helpers.  Without your help, weekly SB would not be possible.  We pray that God’s peace and love be always with you, to refresh you and to prepare you to answer His next calling for you.

OCCC’s new website will go live on June 1, 2016 and you will receive the first newsletter on June 4.  The link to our new website will be sent out to all as an announcement, along with link to our existing Facebook group page.  Please browse around and let us know what you think.  We also want to ask for your prayer for the eMinistry team.  May we always bear in mind that our work is for glorifying our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.  May we always understand the true meaning of community and to act as a good example for others.  We ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to continue to guide our service.  We offer our prayers in the name of Jesus, Amen.


OCCC eMinistry (Technology and Web) Team


What is eMinistry?  Stay tuned for our June 4th newsletter to learn about how technology has changed our methods of evangelization and ministry formation!

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