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基督聖體聖血節 Homily Body and Blood of Christ June 19, 2022

Homily Body and Blood of Christ June 19, 2022


This weekend’s readings are totally focused on understanding the eucharist in our lives as Christians.

In the first reading from the Book of Genesis we hear about Melchizedek, a priest of God and king of Salem, bringing bread and wine. He invokes God’s blessing upon Abram to overcome his enemies. In thanksgiving, Abram gives to God 1/10th of everything Abram owned. In today’s language we could call that tithing 10%.

Psalm 110 is all about Priesthood We learn that priesthood is a mysterious call for a selected few. and is not conferred on a temporary basis. They have authority and power over the people in terms of rendering true and valid worship to the Lord. And, it is God himself who will fight against the enemies of his priests.

The second reading by St Paul in the 1 Corinthians we hear how St Paul describes the last supper and how Jesus wants to be remembered by the apostles and us until the end of times! Receiving Eucharist leads us into communion with the other members of the community as well as well as recalling Jesus in our faith journey.

The gospel reading from Luke is about the story of the miracle of multiplication of the bread and feeding the crowd of followers of Jesus. This miracle is introduced in the context of the preaching of the kingdom of God and healing the hunger pains of believers.

So we have highlighted for us in these readings four perspectives to understanding eucharist:

The first reading explicitly talks about the bread and wine and the role of the priest and not just anyone, who consecrates the bread and the wine into the body and blood of Christ.

The psalm recognizes the eternal character of priesthood “a priest forever”

The second reading talks about the Eucharistic meal of bread and wine which is Jesus’ body and blood which is received in memory of Jesus in who he was and what he did in his life on earth.

The gospel reading talks about the multiplication of the bread, using the Eucharistic formula at Last Supper and that Jesus fed the people who were first of all hungry for the Word of God and have heard it.

Our personal and public lives should be in order and should prepare us to receive holy communion.

The Eucharist is a constant source of blessing and strength to those who worthily receive it. And it is a sacrament of remembrance. In the mass, when we once more remember Jesus Christ in his passion, death and resurrection. He comes to us again in the forms of bread and wine. 

The Eucharist assures us of our salvation. And the frequent reception of the Eucharist is an authentic sign of our deep relationship with Christ.

So as you look back on how we have reviewed the life of Jesus from Ash Wednesday to Easter, to Pentecost to Holy Trinity and finally today the Corpus Christi Sunday, we have totally covered all the major points of our faith journey!  

As I have said before, we have our entire lives to work on connecting all these facts about our faith journey. We are human beings with earthly minds, hearts and hands!   

Take a moment to reflect on what has been the new insight for you about your faith journey during this Easter season we have now completed ! Take a few moments later this week to reflect on how your understanding of the Eucharist has deepened over your life.  

Give thanks for God for your faith journey with the Chinese Catholic Community here at St Leander Parish !

Brother and Sisters, that is the wonderful news for this Corpus Christi Sunday!   

Alleluia, alleluia !


Fr. Fong


基督的聖體和寶血 2022 年 6 月 19 日星期日



在讀經一創世記中,我們聽說默基瑟德是至高者天主的司祭和撒冷王,他帶了餅酒前來迎接亞巴郎。 他祈求天主對亞巴郎的祝福以戰勝他的敵人。 在感謝中,亞巴郎將自己擁有的一切財產的十份之一獻給上主作為感恩。 用今天的說話,我們可以稱 10% 為十一奉獻。

聖詠集 110 篇是關於司祭聖職的。 我們了解到聖職是對少數被召選人的聖寵呼召。 並且不是臨時被授予的。 神父司祭擁有大於平信徒的神權和神力, 並能提供真正的,有效的聖祭來敬拜天主。 而上主會為他的司祭們與敵人作戰。

讀經二的聖保祿宗徒致哥林多人前書中,我們聽到聖保祿如何描述最後晚餐,以及耶穌如何希望被們徒和我們記住,直到世界末日! 領受聖體使我們與團體的其他成員共融,並在我們的信仰之旅中常回憶起耶穌。

路加福音讀到的故事是關於麵包倍增和餵飽耶穌的追隨者的奇蹟的故事。 這個神蹟是宣講天主的國度和醫治飢餓痛苦的信徒的背景下介紹的。







聖體聖事對那些配稱接受它的人來說,是永久不斷的祝福和力量的源泉。 這是一件紀念耶穌的聖事。 在彌撒中,令我們再次想起耶穌基督的受難、死亡和復活時。 他以麵包和酒的形式再次來到我們中。

聖體聖事向我們保證我們的得救及永生。 經常接受聖體聖事是我們與基督深厚關係的真實標誌。


正如我之前所說,我們要努力用我們的一生的時間將這些事實和我們信仰聯繫起來。 我們該好好運用我們的頭腦思想、心靈和雙手!

請花點時間思考一下,在我們現在已經完成的復活節期間,這期間中對你的信仰之旅有什麼新見解! 在這星期中花點時間思考一下,你對聖體聖事的理解是如何可以加深和活出在你的日常生活中。



阿肋路亞, 阿肋路亞!


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